Celebrating the Beginning of a New Life Chapter


On my way to visit my Aunt on the Oregon Coast this weekend, I stopped to watch a last sunset over the Pacific Ocean. It was cold — high 30’s °F at most — but I parked my car, wrapped my yellow and black striped blanket around my shoulders, grabbed a square of dark chocolate and walked out onto the rocky coastline.

Polished black rocks crunched under my feet until I reached the dark sand where I scuttled up a gentle basalt incline to sit on a large rock above the receding tide. The sun hid behind grey clouds until it flashed a stripe of brilliant orange and red across the horizon that lit the cold blue ocean on fire before slowly sinking down to light up the other side of the world. As the fire slipped from the sky, I exhaled a sigh of gratitude for such a beautiful sunset and reflected on my last decade spent living, growing, and learning in Oregon.

In just over a month, I’ll be leaving Oregon to volunteer in Jamaica. The feeling I have about this transition is difficult to describe. I’m bubbling over with excitement and bittersweet joy. Sadness to be leaving the arms of such a supportive and loving community of friends and family in Oregon, but unbelievably ecstatic to have the opportunity to live, learn, and work in a community with such a different and vibrant environment and culture. It’s going to be difficult to give so many goodbye (for now) hugs in the next few weeks, but I can’t wait to meet my new Peace Corps peers and Jamaican family.

Looking forward to watching a sunrise on the Atlantic in a little over a month.


~ Sage


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