Pre-Departure Bucket List

4 weeks! Only 4 weeks until I jump on a plane for staging in Miami then continue onward to Jamaica a few days after. Leaving so soon has me reflecting on what things I’d like to do before I leave the US for the next two years.

Spending more time with friends, eating lots of yummy things, enjoying the snow, taking hot showers, and taking the time to appreciate the calm moments are some of the little daily things I’m looking forward to doing over the next few weeks. But here’s a list I’ve put together of some of the more specific things on my hit list to do before leaving for service:

  • Go skiing at Bachelor 
  • Watch a sunset over the Pacific on the Oregon Coast 
  • Visit my Aunt Kathy 
  • Visit Grandparents in Washington 
  • Visit hometown of The Dalles
  • Do a last (for now) fire dancing jam with friends 
  • Crash a Flow / Juggling club meetup 
  • Movie and sauna soak McMenamins in Bend, OR
  • Go fishing with Dad
  • Get dinner with Mom 
  • Get tea and cookies with Seester 
  • Eat a classic cheeseburger 
  • Beer tasting at Deschutes 
  • Go to one last ecstatic dance in Corvallis 
  • Eat favorite gouda, roasted garlic, & pesto pizza slice at American Dream Pizza 
  • Make lasagna
  • Go camping 
  • Get a Manicure 

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