1 Day Until Takeoff

Here it is! Tomorrow I takeoff at 6am to reach staging in Miami then continue on to Jamaica a few days after that. The accumulation of a lot of effort, study, time, and commitment to get here hit me full force today.

I finished the last touches on my packing this morning, measuring and weighing to be sure I’m within the Peace Corps and airline baggage restrictions. I’m a serial over-packer (I like to be prepared for literally everything) so I’m definitely right up near the limit (which is 100 lbs and 107 linear inches for both checked bags combined) with 90 lbs of stuff, the larger bag being exactly 60 linear inches and 49 lbs and the smaller bag being 45 inches and 41 lbs. A little later I’ll post my packing list of everything I took. And later yet into service I’ll make a post outlining things I’m glad I took and things I probably could have left behind for future reference.


Also pictured here is my carry on with my collapsed hula hoop clipped on and my “personal item” which is my convertible briefcase/backpack thingamajig (from the TIMBUK2 company, which has a pretty sweet discount for PC volunteers).

Today I’m looking forward to spending time with family and getting to bed super early to go to the airport at 4am tomorrow morning (okay, so maybe not so excited for the getting up super early). It’s wild to think that tomorrow night I’ll be going to sleep on the east coast. I’ve been looking forward to this day for months and am SO ready for this.

To all my friends and family in the US, sending love and hugs to you all and I”ll se ya on the flipside of a bunch of tomorrows! ❤





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