Welkom Tu Jamrak!

Jamaica is gorgeous and the people I’ve here so far with the PC in country office are vibrant and welcoming. When we arrived at the PC office, music was playing and all the people working for the office in the country (many of whom have grown up and lived in Jamaica for much of their lives) were smiling and clapping for us as we piled out of the bus and into the courtyard of the building.


After our warm welcome we ate some delicious jerk chicken, rice and peas, pasta salad, and veggies. The food was sooooo good and I’m ridiculously excited to start learning how to cook Jamaican dishes.

Then we learned some Jamaican dance moves, practiced our patois and keeping our riddim, and listened to speakers. Among the speakers were the US ambassador to Jamaica, the Peace Corps  Jamaica director, a couple current volunteers, and some in country staff.

Today we took care of some medical and banking things, learned how to play dominoes, and walked around in Kingston to get some food (I had some yummy chicken curry and festival – which are fried cornbread rolls).

Tomorrow we get to meet our first host family and start training!


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