Rain, Rain Go Away

"If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit." - Banksy. I'm back! Apologies for the delay in writing for the last few weeks. As hub technical training and project due dates drew to an end, things got stressful and I fell off the blog boat for a minute. But I'm afloat once again and …

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Likkle by Likkle

Week 6 has been my favorite week of training thus far. Rain and storms have been a common weather theme all week - but that certainly hasn't kept us inside! Every day of training this past week, we have been outside working in the dirt, learning from farmers and our fellow volunteers in "Climate Smart Agriculture" (CSA) …

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Kraas Kolcha Day & Goodbye Hellshire

Things I am grateful for today: Cool mornings, windy days, ice cubes, and coffee. Yesterday was Kraas Kolcha (cross culture) day at training where we had the opportunity to learn about other regions of the US that trainees in our group are from in a series of presentations and to learn more about Jamaican culture through …

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