Empress is a women’s peer support group for female Peace Corps Volunteers currently serving in Jamaica. This group offers a judgement free, open forum space to commune with fellow Peace Corps Volunteers to discuss and manage women’s challenges during service. Some issues include managing gender roles, expectations and perceptions, unwanted attention and catcalling, and maintaining optimum health and wellness. We share information through monthly newsletters / emails to current female Peace Corps Volunteers, regional link ups, and bi-annual weekend retreats.

I serve on the Empress Board for 2017-2019 as the Resource Coordinator responsible for communications and (surprise) coordinating resources. Every month we reach out to current female Peace Corps Volunteers for recommendations for our monthly email / newsletter. These can come in the form of websites, good news, books, music, movies, podcasts, self care tips, journaling, and other stress coping mechanisms uplift and  inspire fellow female Peace Corps Volunteers. Then each month I put these recommendations together and send them out as our monthly newsletter.

To give friends, family, and possibly returned, current, or potential Peace Corps Volunteers a peek into what Empress is about and share these recommendations with a wider audience, I’ll be posting these monthly newsletters to my blog as well! Identifying information for volunteers will be removed and their name will be replaced with “a Peace Corps Volunteer” for anonymity and privacy of the volunteers that contribute to the newsletter. I hope you enjoy our monthly resource email!

January Email

Winter Empress Retreat 2017

February Email

March Email

July Email 

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