How to Apply

Feeling inspired by this blog? Think that volunteering with Peace Corps might be right for you? Here’s how to apply:

Click here to access the volunteer portal. You will need to create an applicant profile and upload your resume. You can save and come back to your applicant profile at any time, but it needs to be completed within 30 days of being started. It takes about 1 to 2 hours to finish creating an applicant profile.

Research volunteer openings by clicking here to see what positions are available so that you can narrow down your preferences for which countries and positions you are interested in. You can also tell Peace Corps that you are willing to go anywhere and serve in any position you are qualified for.

I would strongly recommend taking the time to meet with the recruiter for your region to ask questions and get more information regarding Peace Corps service, training, and the application process. Your recruiter is a great resource! Meeting with the recruiter for my region was incredibly informative, extinguished any anxieties about the application process and service, and helped me to solidify my intention moving forward that Peace Corps service is where I want to focus my energy and skills at this point in my life. Find a recruiter near you by clicking here.